Weekly systems

Weekly systems

Prepare and store a week’s worth of medication in advance. We provide all the tools to ensure an efficient process.

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Medication management for an entire week

Our weekly systems are designed to efficiently manage the medication process for long-term therapies in care and nursing homes. A week’s worth of medication for each patient/resident can be prepared centrally in the pharmacy or the ward. There are numerous weekly systems to choose from, which can also be individually combined to suit a wide range of different medication requirements.

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WIEGAND® weekly trays and weekly sets

WIEGAND® MediDispensers can be prepared and stored for a week in a space-saving WIEGAND® weekly tray. Various weekly sets of MediDispensers with matching weekly trays are available. A weekly tray can hold 7 to 8 WIEGAND® MediDispensers, depending on the dispenser type.

Weekly sets contain 7 MediDispensers, printed with the days of the week and/or dispensing times, depending on the version.

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Open the case, slide the lid open, insert the medication, check it, slide the lid closed – done. It doesn’t matter who prepares the medication – the patient, the outpatient nurse, the pharmacist, the carer – it’s quick and easy.

The clear layout makes it easy to keep track of the medicines. Each of the 7 daily dispensers is labelled with a day of the week. The dispensers can only be opened in one direction, such that the medication is automatically released in the correct order. The handy WiBox pro can be locked with a standard lock. If you would like to take a single dispenser with you, secure the lid in place with the green locking pin.


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WIEGAND® weekly container

The weekly containers for medication dispensers are the ideal aid for the easy preparation and storage of medication, and assist with the administration of medication over the course of the week. WIEGAND® WeekBoxes are available in a number of different versions, for example with a printed MediDispenser with fixed or freely divisible compartments. These are ideal for independent patients who are able to take their medication on their own. We also offer a range of weekly containers to go with our MediDispensers, which allow for space-saving storage. The different weekly systems meet the needs of various medication therapies.

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