Blister-packed medication

Storage, preparation and dispensing of blister-packed medication

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Easily store and administer blister-packed medication

Blister packaging has become an integral part of modern medication therapy. Prescribed tablets are automatically administered by a blister machine. These rolls of blister-packed tablets are then placed in the respective patient’s BlisterBox for one week. The Wiegand system is a simple, practical and safe way to organise the distribution of blister-packed and other medication.

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WIEGAND® BlisterBoxes

We developed the WIEGAND® BlisterBoxes for the hygienic and space-saving storage of blister rolls. The BlisterBoxes are used to store medication for one patient at a time and, depending on the design, provide space for one to two weeks of medication. The blister roll is simply inserted into the BlisterBoxes and each individual medication bag can be removed by gently pulling and simply tearing off along the perforation.

Advantages of WIEGAND® BlisterBoxes:

  • Three models and two sizes available
  • Labelling options for better organization
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Easy storage in trolleys or cabinet

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Blister packaging starter set

For medication packaged in blister rolls, the starter set provides optimal support for the distribution process. The set includes label holders, convenient blister bag holders and MediCups for dispensing deblistered medication for each resident. Using the supplied labels and a labelling template, the required patient information can be printed on labels and affixed to the supplied label holders. This further improves patient safety. The supplied MediDispenser can be used for residents if the medication is not yet available in blister packs or as a dispensing aid.

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WIEGAND® FlexLine blister trolley

Wiegand’s individually configurable blister trolleys have been developed in collaboration with specialists and are designed for a medication process utilising medication packed in blister rolls. The blister trolley can be fitted with useful accessories and offers many of the benefits of a nursing trolley. Blister trolleys are mainly used in retirement and care homes.

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Planen Sie die Lagerung der Medikation in Medikamentenlagerschränke? Für die Lagerung von Materialien und der verblisterten Medikation können wir Ihnen auf Ihre Raumverhältnisse zugeschnittene Lösungen bieten. Unsere Spezialisten beraten Sie in diesem Bereich umfangreich und kompetent.

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